Who are you.

You park your Nissan x-trail on the recently mowed lawn. The beep from your car from the remote key wakes your wife up. You’re wasted on Ratish. Actually a combo of village ratish and whisky. Mouth edge, tobacco pipe. You stagger unsteadily as you support yourself with the recently installed gutters, heavy footsteps on the porch wake your toddler up. She cries amidst snorts and says “mommy, I have a nightmare”. She has had acute sinusitis for a week now. Must be the tobacco smoke. You see a while back, you’d use a wookee, down in the basement. Your mind, it has a sensitivity block. “open up Lia!” persistent loud knocks, “didn’t you hear me park up front?” 31st of December, 2018. The month of free brew and money spending on fuel as you go for your fellow drunkards whom you call bros. You’ve been drinking and driving, death is the least of your worries. You are just a kambaba in his early thirties who still uses the cliché you only live once. You have been married for three years now. You haven’t acted like it; you are only home on weekends. See your marriage life, is like half a worm in a half bitten apple. Quite alive, quite dead. Your wife lies to you most of the time, about her. About her problems. About her dreams. About the future of the family. She does this because you play “bird box”, but with your ears. You are the village braggart, most of what you possess is inherited. There has been very many broken promises. She’s grown tough skin. She sticks around for the family and for you. You are only around because of the child. In your drunken escapades, you will be sentimental about being happily married and unfaithful; as you vividly explain how it has been in your nasty encounters with your female patients. You are gynecologist. You see for your age; I do not expect you to be the cheering squad when the teenagers lap dance. I do not expect you to spank waitresses in the club. I most definitely will get disgusted when you use vulgar kikuyu language; it makes you look like a boy so eager to please. Manners maketh man. Quite sad that it has taken very long to acclimatize yourself to the ways of the real world, you spend very little time thinking about how other people will see you..

Tbc… Cappa 2018

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