He,,,He is everything that I’m not…quiet,boring,, helpful…..very unpredictable.. But still..my best friend.
I could say he has an iron fist…because his noogie just gets by brain to harden.. Like some sort of bent pipes..inside by head..he has the kind of eyes that beckon to be looked at….they are startling brown…the astonishing bloodshot veins that surround his glowing pupils like the strings of a red stained spiderweb….the ones that you stare into and you mouth-off…the kind that consume your thoughts and you feel a sense of belonging…a kind of hope sorta roots in your thinking pattern and your feet kind of wobble..
That’s my best friend..
He is not the kind that would flinch under scrutiny.. He’s actually the kind that minds his own business..you know…taking care of his side of the street…
That’s my bestie…
So bestie…I wanna care for you ….I know hurt people really hurt people…I wanna get rid of the poisonous cluster in your life…the ones that pull your loose threads unravelling the fabric of your past..the ones that deceive you with a piece of cake…only to find its baked alaska…with no qualms of conscience running through their melanated veins..
I know ….You’ve been hurt so many times you wouldn’t know true love if it hit you in the face…and I promise to change that… I know the world eats up nice guys…so please be bad….
*Regards C.Jules.*

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